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North cyprus

  • Turkey Outdoor Adventures and Cultural Tours
  • Turkey Outdoor Adventures and Cultural Tours
  • Turkey Outdoor Adventures and Cultural Tours
  • Turkey Outdoor Adventures and Cultural Tours


Cyprus is one of the first addresses to consider when it comes to joining entertaining organizations and sampling kitchen-specific foods, and is expecting visitors to enjoy a great island tour of the Mediterranean, which includes a holiday concept. With a host of foreign tourists from around the world all year, Cyprus is also the favorite holiday destination for local tourists, with its stunning geography and culture. It's the hot beaches and its historic and magnificent nature that make Cyprus so popular that it's also a rich island with entertainment alternatives. Travelers who want to relax and have fun set off on a tour of Cyprus at least once a year to experience it. A 3-night stay, 4-day flight aboard and with the ship due to take off from Istanbul, is scheduled to arrive at the Ercan Airport, where a Cypriot plane is flying to take its guests on the most efficient trip to Cyprus. With every season of the year, you can have a great summer vacation, attend fun parties at Christmas or have a great cultural trip in the spring. Cyprus, the largest island in the Eastern Mediterranean, is awaiting a memorable holiday this year.


Day 1
After arriving at the airport, your driver will be there with a sign to pick you up after you get your bags. On our first day, we are going to Girne. Girne is also a very strong town in history. The castle of Girne and its structures date back to the 1300s. Indoor to the castle is the Sunken Ship Museum, Folk Arts Museum, Bosphorus Martyrs, St. Hilarion Monastery, There are many special areas such as the Omar Tomb. The Iconic Museum has a special place to visit Girne and was built in 1860. A bell tower was added to this piece in 1885. The interesting thing is that this tower can be seen from all over the city.
Day 2
We are also visiting a remarkable historical landmark on the Five Finger Mountains, the Bellapais Monastery, also located in Beylerina Cyprus, where tourists are the most popular. The first monastery at Bellapais, one of the most important today reflecting gothic art, was built from 1198 to 1205. So far, most of the structure that survived was built by King Hugh III of France. The front yard, the church at the end of the courtyard, the marble sarcophagus and many other special structures, where Girne must be visited, the nightlife of the Inne is very mobile.
Day 3
If there is a capital of green in Northern Cyprus, it is definitely Gazimağusa! Although Girne is regarded as having the best beaches in the world, there are not many, as large facilities as there. The construction of the St. Barnabas Monastery, one of our stops, dates back to 477. The church has a wide range of icons. Moreover, the rooms where the priests lived were restored and turned into a museum. In fact, it is possible to find the traces of Cyprus's long historical journey in this area, which has been transformed into an "archeological museum." Later, we will visit Girne Gate, Bedesten, Selimiye Mosque and the Venice Column, the first buildings to welcome visitors from the historical richness of the city. Since these historical artifacts are located in the city center, it is possible to shop and get to know them closely.                                                                                                                                            Day 4
In the last day, Karpaz is a unique nature wonder, especially for those who are passionate about swimming. The slim sandy beach is brought to life with Golden Beach Karpaz, a coastline from the top to the bottom, and a sea that meets the horizon line — amazing moments. There is also a national park in Karpaz to preserve the habitat. At Karpaz National Park, you can see the regional plant species, flowers, natural habitat, and of course the famous Karpaz donkeys alive. later From the airport, there will be a to Turkey.                         Note: if you are not going back to turkey you will go back according to where you wanted us to book your flight to. 

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