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Hos geldiniz! Welcome to Eastern Turkey – a beautiful region with amazing sights, some known and others waiting to be discovered. From the historical heritage of the ancient churches in the Georgian Valley to the Ishik Pasha Palace in Dogubeyzit to the stunning vistas of Mt. Ararat, Epik Encounter will provide customized and packaged tours that meet your budget and give you the experience of a lifetime. 



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Outdoor Adventures

The Awe and Beauty of the Kaçkars

A common occurence for us here in Turkey is that there seems to be a lack in communications when we are planning on heading out to the mountains. What seemed like it was going to be an easy journey to the Kackars turned out to be a rather humuorous one. Instead of simply joining up with a fellow buddy who lives here in Erzurum and taking his car out to the Kackars we found out the day before that he actually had no car. Finally, we made the plan to head to the otogar where a bus would then take us and our friend to our destination. Well, that didn’t happen.


Finding Adventure in the Unexpected

Recently I’ve put a lot of thought into what defines ‘adventure.’ It could be anything that you don’t normally do – staying in a hotel for the weekend; exploring parts of the city that you’ve never been to; backpacking through Africa; climbing Everest without extra oxygen. Really, an adventure is anything that puts you out of your comfort zone, an extraordinary experience. To me, an experience really becomes an adventure when plans change and unexpected things start to happen. Well see how our Bike trip became an adventure.

Outdoor Adventures

Uzundere Ice Climbing

Back when we were just planning our trip to Turkey and researching what it would be like, we were told by a few sources that Northeastern Turkey is very similar to Colorado: cold winters, hot summers, dry air, and high elevation. Well, that’s all true (this winter is unusually warm but we’ve had our cold days here for sure). Now what we wondered was, will Northeastern Turkey have great potential for skiing, rock climbing, and ice climbing like Colorado does?